#3Wedu Podcast No. 2: Women Advancing in Higher Ed

After our 1st happy hour podcast pilot, our glasses are full! Thanks for those of you who tuned in live or later. The #3Wedu podcast hosts, Nori (@nononi28), Jess (@jlknott), Patrice (@Profpatrice), Tanya (@tjoosten), are back this month with more wine and banter! Join us for podcast #2 on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 5 pm CST.

What’s the #3Wedu Podcast all about ? Here you go:

  • to understand the value of women leading innovation in learning
  • to overcome gender barriers women may experience in higher ed
  • to support women doing amazing things from the field
  • to provide better recognition and platform for said things
  • to highlight women in leadership roles through mentoring and coaching
  • to empower women junior and senior in education
  • do all of the above while enjoying a fine glass of wine with a few delightful ladies

In January’s podcast, the #3Wedu ladies discussed the culture of work. During this conversation, we had some back and forth about failure and a few other issues, which led us to this week’s topic of Women in Advancing in Higher Education. Join us for February’s #3Wedu podcast as we chat about imposter syndrome, mentoring experiences, and creating a growth mindset. We are also excited to welcome a “Boxed Wine Rant” from our first guest to the podcast, Amy Collier  (@amcollier).

Grab your favorite beverage (it does not have to be wine — you decide!) and join us to toast on February 17, 2016 from 5 – 6 pm CST as we discuss Women Advising in Higher Ed:

#3Wedu Podcast #2 Google+ Hangout event page and, of course, join the backchannel conversation:

*Note: Our podcast backchannel notes, tweets, and broadcast will be updated here and on the YouTube channel post-show. Please let us know what you think, and chime into the vino chat. Missing this LIVE version, but want to tune in next month? Save the Date:  Wednesday, March 23rd @ 3 pm PST //  5 pm  CDT // 6 pm EST for #3Wedu Podcast #3!

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