Happy New Year, #3Wedu!

I enjoy my birthday each year at the end of August. I’ve always shared this time of year with summer vacations, heatwaves, and Labor Day celebrations. I live in Claremont, California- home to five Liberal Arts colleges and three graduate schools. It signals endings and beginnings for me. The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year in my town. As my own daughter prepares for her junior year in high school, other parents are dropping off their sons and daughters for another school year in our Southern California town.

In education, this is a cadence that is familiar to all. Months ago, the end of May meant finals week  and the homestretch to a summer that quiets our campuses and administrative units. Even programs that serve non-traditional populations experience a change in pace as students plan around their own family calendar.

August then, is a New Year of sorts for us. It’s time to make plans both formal and informal. For me, the approach of September is a moment of both reflection and expectation.

It’s that expectation that gives me the most joy. What will this year hold? What have I learned that I can apply to projects underway and what can I begin that might have a positive impact on faculty and student programming?

And significantly, what have I learned from my mentors and peers that apply to my career and my passion for what we do in higher education?

This is the topic of our August #3Wedu podcast. Join us as we reflect on last year’s milestones, mentors, and conferences and how each will influence this new year.

Join us for The #3Wedu Podcast No.8 THIS Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 at 3 pm PST // 5 pm CDT // 6pm EST:


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