#3Wedu Podcast No. 11: Women Advancing the Future of IT and Higher Ed

Tune into the ladies of #3Wedu: Women Who Wine in Education, keynote panel via a YouTube LIVE stream and twitter backchannel (#3wedu), discuss their experiences and recommended strategies for creating a culture that embraces women’s leadership in IT at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln IT Leadership Conference:

Opportunity that Scales:


Every individual has a responsibility in an organization to enhance the understanding of the value of women leading, create structures to help women overcome gender barriers they may experience, and identify strategies to support women’s progress along their leadership path. Women bring heterogeneity that can benefit the institution. As the management literature has shown us for years, let’s avoid groupthink and bring more diversity to our groups and organizations to improve performance and productivity. Each of our higher education institutions has an organization culture that can empower or limit women’s ability to lead at various levels. These cultures consist of assumptions and values (see Schein’s model of organizational culture) that are sometimes decades old. Many times organizational structures have been developed by men and their actions potentially inhibiting women leading in various ways.

Tune in LIVE as we (attempt) to stream our keynote panel LIVE from UN-L on Monday, November 7, 2016 from 3:30-5 pm here:

Through changing our behaviors, activities, communication, and environments, we can potentially alter the culture with these micro level modifications. Implementing practices to facilitate the growth of women leaders while creating an embracing culture is pertinent for leadership development. Let’s talk about it. This isn’t a women’s issue; this is everyone’s issue.

BONUS: Here are the collaborative notes from our #3Wedu workshop session the following day. As you can see — with 20 pages of notes in this open Google Doc, the #3Wedu conversations were a flowing at the @UNT_ITS #WIITNE IT Leadership Conference — thanks to all for your contributions: http://bit.ly/3weduwiitne16

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