The #3Wedu Podcast No. 12: Cork It, 2016!

You know what… the #3Wedu ladies are SO OVER 2016. It’s been a full year of video podcasting, conference travel, professional adventures, and personal calamities. We’ll own it. But now, I think it’s time to bid farewell to this year and our first go at podcasting our conversations over wine. We are definitely all DONE I think we’re DONE with this year — but we are in it, to win(e) it for the final monthly podcast of 2016.


Save the date for the last #3Wedu 2016 broadcast on Wednesday, December 14th at 3 pm PST // 5 pm CDT // 6pm EST.  Episode No. 12 may offer a few reflections, NO regrets, and our future musings  for the Women Who Wine in Edu. Join us for the candid conversations and, as always, BYO-Wine (or beverage of your choice)! We are looking forward to chat and cheers with you soon! We are definitely ready to put a cork in 2016 – are you as well? If so, come join the banter and comradery here:

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