The #3Wedu Podcast, No. 14: Gender Matters

On National Drink Wine Day, it only seems fitting to remind others to join us next week for wine and banter on episode no. 14 of the #3Wedu Podcast.


During the first half of the podcast, we will connect with Ann Marie and Rich about their research on women university presidents. Does gender matter for leadership in higher education? How do women presidents impact university leadership? What is their experience like? We will dig into these findings, specifically with a recent manuscript publication they completed, from their abstract:

“In spite of the increased enrollment numbers for women students, and that the demographic is enrolling and graduating at faster rates than their male counterparts, there are very few women in the highest level of leadership within a university. Several reasons for this phenomena include historical inequalities, stereotypical notions about women’s leadership styles, the presence of a chilly climate on college campuses, and the male-dominated history of academia. All of these impact the speed of advancement and professional options for women. This is a narrative inquiry study is part of a larger study that examines the role of gender and meaning-making for women in leadership within higher education, specifically at the level of the university presidency.

Check out Ann Marie’s doctoral research and join us to learn more about the recent paper these scholars submitted.

I am looking forward to digging into this study and discussing The Gender Pay Gap and the Representation of Women in Higher Education Administrative Positions: The Century So Far [PDF] and how women in IT CAN be the change (thanks to our UNL-ITS colleague, @MarciaLDB ). We will, of course, dedicate some time to check-in with the #3Wedu ladies, who have been busy leading in research and conference happenings since January.  

Join us next Wednesday, February 22nd for a chat around scholarship, wine, and more:

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