The #3Wedu Podcast No 15: Gender Bias and Sexism in 2017

During women’s history month, we’ve celebrated the women who successfully challenged the status quo, the ‘hidden figures’ we never knew were the real heroes and questioned why women still face so much discrimination and harassment. A recent article highlights the barriers women continue to face. Martin Schneider, a writer, and editor at an entertainment publication sent out an e-mail that accidentally had the signature of a female colleague on it. When he corrected the error he noticed the language the client used changed to a more “agreeable attitude.” The two colleagues decided to try an experiment and sign each other’s e-mails. Schneider said, “I was in hell. Everything I asked or suggested was questioned. Clients I could do in my sleep were condescending. One asked if I was single.” You can see his Twitter thread about it here.

In the next podcast episode, the Women Who Wine discuss gender bias and the sexist behavior women continue to face both inside and outside the walls of their office. Check out the following resources to join in the #3Wedu discussion on Wednesday, March 26th at 6 PM ET/5 PM CT /3 pm ET:

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