Introducing: In Vino Fabulum! #InVinoFab


The Women Who Wine, or #3Wedu Podcast emerged as a space for women to share stories and find a community of support over a glass of wine. In the previous 3Wedu ‘happy hour’ sessions our focus was on women’s issues in higher ed.

Based on the #3wedu chats over wine we’re creating a spin off podcast called — In Vino Fabulum – which translates to In Wine, Story. This podcast will continue the conversation tradition while bringing new voices, ideas, and wine knowledge to your ears. You might see the same hashtag, #InVinoFab; however this audio-only pod is inviting new guests to share a story, have a laugh, and cheers with a glass of wine.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at  — posted in the show notes and tell us what you want to know about wine — it’s not that stuffy. We’d like to welcome new guests to the podcast — AND we also would love to dig into NEW TOPICS YOU WANT us to discuss regarding women OR wine.  Subscribe to this In Vino Fabulum podcast via Apple Podcasts or you can stream us via SoundCloud feed directly from our website – Remember: in wine there is a story! In Vino Fabulum!

Cheers from the In Vino Fabulum hosts,
Patrice & Laura

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