In Vino Fabulum, Episode 1: Introducing Our Wine Bible Study

Part of this new In Vino Fabulum (#InVinoFab) podcast, will dig into a particular issue related to the topic of women, education, or wine. This new series will engage and introduce you to new voices of women in education; however, these shorter episodes will introduce you to wine concepts. This is a sort of a “wine bible study” to help us learn more about the world of vino. We hope these shorter podcast episodes will introduce us (and you!) to random tips, interesting facts, and perhaps little known facts about wine. Here’s the book that got us interested in learning more about the wine we sip:

MacNeil, K. (2015). The wine bible, 2nd Edition. New York, NY: Workman Publishing.

[p.s. Karen, if you see this, we’d LOVE to have you on the podcast to chat!]

Today’s #InVinoFab wine #NotSoPro tips:

Movie (not documentary): Bottle Shock (2008) – The story of the early days of California wine making featuring the now infamous, blind Paris wine tasting of 1976 that has come to be known as “Judgment of Paris”.

#InVinoFab Wine Recommendation: Turly Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Potential questions for a future #3Wedu pod on the topic of wine:

  • Why do restaurants mark up the cost of a bottle of wine? Why is it more expensive for me to purchase my favorite bottle of wine
  • How should wine be stored while you are waiting to drink it? Also, how do I store an opened bottle of wine that is not finished in one sitting?
  • Why are wine bottles shaped a certain way for different wine varietals?
  • Why do sommeliers encourage you to swirl the wine?
  • What type of memories are brought up with different types of wine?
  • If you make your own wine, how did you get started? How did you learn about the home craft of wine-making? How did you craft your own label for your wine?
  • What kind of wine and what label would we consider for our own home vintages? [Challenge to Patrice & Laura]

Do you have a wine question or a random wine fact you want us to dig into for a future podcast?

Let us know! @ or DM us on Twitter: @3Wedu Or send us an email:


#InVinoFab: In Vino Fabulum Podcast

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