In Vino Fabulum, Episode no. 2: @draliblack and The Women Who Write

We are delighted to welcome our first guest, Dr. Ali Black (@draliblack), to the #InVinoFab: In Vino Fabulum [In Wine, Story] podcast! As our first audio-only visitor to the pod, we are excited to share more about Ali’s stories, her work, and discuss being vulnerable in higher education.

Ali describes this process of making sense of our lived experiences as a ‘soulful’ experience that has brought joy to her academic life. She highlights her values around the ethics of care, gentle writing, and the importance of deep, thoughtful writing work with The Women Who Write. These “wise women” felt empowered to do more, and can be found promoting how to savour slow scholarship, find support, become more self-aware, and stop living “thin lives” in academia with these key principles:

  • We recognise the joy and pleasure of writing and responding
  • ​We listen to our longings to care for ourselves and others
  • We do not care for the auditing of the academic assembly line
  • We choose connection
  • We choose to be different – more ourselves – in academia

Ali shared with us The Women Who Write Manifesto:

The Women Who Write:

A place to give feedback about ‘a conference’ or ‘conferencing’

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The Res-sisters are a feminist collective of early career academics. The group’s collective interests include challenging inequality both within and outside of academia, resisting the neoliberal agenda and making space for alternative voices to be heard. Learn more at:

What does it mean to be in one’s wild nature? What does it mean to be a wild women?:

“To establish territory. To find one’s pack. To be one’s a body with certainty and pride, regardless of the body’s gifts and limitations. To speak and act on one’s behalf. To be aware, alert. To draw on the enate feminine powers of intuition and sensing. To come into one’s cycles and to find what one belongs to. To rise with dignity and to retain as much consciousness as possible.”

~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves

#InVinoFab Book Reads on Writing

References for some of @draliblack’s writing/work:

Connect & learn more about @draliblack’s work:

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