In Vino Fabulum, Episode no. 3: Wine Glasses

Glassware for wine is really all about function and even taste. Is your wine temperature controlled? Do you plan on tasting it after giving it a swirl? Where is your wine drinking happening? Home, bar, vineyard or cottage? Let’s talk shop about the glass that houses your favorite vino.

Practical Tips for Wine Glassware:

  • Buy only wine glasses you can afford to break
  • Buy more than you think you’ll need
  • Never buy small glasses
  • Buy a glass with an ample bowl-gives the aromas room to evolve. The reason a glass narrows is to force the aromas toward your nose.
  • Cab/Merlot/Bordeaux-full bowl that tapers at top is best for highly tannic (tannins cause wine to be dry) w/moderate acidity because it directs wine to center of your tongue. The taste buds for sweet are at the tip of your tongue, with sour on the side and bitter in the back.By directing to center of the tongue you get the perfect balance of fruit, tannin and acidity.
  • Pinot/Burgundy have a high acidity with moderate tannin and should be drank from a shorter glass so that the wine is directed to the tip of the tongue highlighting the fruit
  • Choose a glass with a stem so that you can hold it and not warm the wine by holding the bowl, also so you can swirl it (to get the aromatics of the wine to open up)
  • Look for a thin rim so wine glides over it easily
  • Washing wine glasses-use hot but not scalding water so glass doesn’t break. Rinse several times then place upside down briefly, then turn over and let air dry. Polish.
  • So you want to go stemless with your wine glass? (Because you’re lazy like, Laura). Just put it in the freezer to chill the glass before you pour your drink & set it on a table instead of holding it (to avoid warming up the wine).


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