In Vino Fabulum, Episode no. 5: No Filter

A Pod Vignette: How Do You Own It Online? Reflections from the “No Filter” @NoteToSelf Podcast Series

Laura loves the Note To Self podcast and she’s a huge fan girl of Manoush Zomorodi (@manoushz), so it’s no surprise that in this episode she brought the “No Filter” series by @NoteToSelf and NY magazine, @TheCut, that discusses: Why We Need No Filter – Women, Owning It Online  #OwnIt – direct link to all the “No Filter” episodes:

Tagline: “Why The Internet Is a Giant Mindf*ck For Women”

The “No Filter” series include discussions with these ladies:

No Filter: Women Owning It Online – Questions

  1. How do you own it? The tagline for this series was almost Why The Internet Is a Giant Mindf*ck For Women. How does the internet mess with your head? How do you mess back?

  2. How do you portray yourself online? We want to meet your digital self. Is she “the real you?” Why or why not?

Listen to the episode no. 5 and hear our thoughts here:

More to ponder or ask yourself on the topic:

  • To Filter or Not to Filter: How do you represent yourself online as a woman?
  • Online Impact to Offline Self: Should we hold back from posting or filtering what we post?
  • Ego construction: Is this due to the affordances of the medium or platform? E.g. some as for likes, followers, comments, etc.
  • Organizing & Community Development: Do you move beyond your bubble or look outside these networked communities, people, friends, family, etc.?
  • Projection of self: Is this a performance or projection of how we want to “be” in the world? -Constant comparison to someone or something else — anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Does Age Matter Online: is there a chasm between women of certain age groups for how different generations use and post online?

“Questioning things because we are now acting in a performative way [online]… It’s a reflection of who we are and where we come from.” ~Barbara Kruger

Kruger says these are indicators of who we are in the world, where we live, what we do, who we love, etc.

That being, there is constant decisions being made about what you put online representing who you are. Thankfully we grew up in a way to learn and make private mistakes — the ones who are not documented, archived, digitized, etc. Yet those who are performing their lives online and being themselves are savvy and more aware. There are such nuanced dialogs about these topics and issues for women online. Let’s not shy away from these complex and complicated conversations for being online.

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