#InVinoFab Podcast, Episode no. 17: The Yellow TALE

Whether you drink wine or not, you might have heard or seen this Australian wine with the label Yellow Tail on the bottle. It’s almost everywhere you shop for libations, groceries, and more. But do you know how this vino from Oz flooded the wine markets?

Listen to the #InVinoFab episode no. 17 to learn more about the yellow TALE. It’s a story about how a winery from down under expanded their brand worldwide and increased mass production of these animal-labeled bottles. If you build it and you brand it… I guess “they” come.” Just because it’s popular, it may not have anything to do with the actual taste of the wine. We pause to question wine quality, and how this could potentially transfer to the work we do with online learning and scaling instruction in higher education. Take a listen to this tale and share your thoughts and/or experiences with us.

#InVinoFab Reads and Resources:

Is there something else you’d like to learn about for wine? Do you have someone we should interview next for the pod? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you about whose story we should share on a future #InVinoFab episode. Send us love, suggestions, and comments to: invinofabulum@gmail.com

Tune in for the next In Vino Fabulum Podcast episode by following:

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