#3Wedu: In Vino Fabulum [In Wine, Story]

Based on the #3wedu “Happy Hour” chats over wine Patrice & Laura are creating a spin off podcast called — In Vino Fabulum — which translates — to In Wine, Story. There are so many individual stories and perspectives we would like to gather and share about women AND wine. We hope this podcast will continue the #3Wedu conversation and community tradition while also bringing new voices, ideas, and wine knowledge to your ears. Do you have a question about wine we can discuss? Is there a particular story from women in education that we should share? Do you want to have a bit of a laugh and chat over wine? Then join in! We’d love to hear YOUR ideas and topics we should dig into — reach out to us by email: invinofabulum@gmail.com  or ping us on Twitter: @3wedu or via the hashtag #3wedu.  Subscribe to the same podcast channel for #3Wedu Podcast: In Vino Fabulum [In Wine, Story] via Apple Podcasts or you can stream us via SoundCloud feed directly from our website – 3wedu.wordpress.com via the LISTEN section.


The #3Wedu Podcast was designed to uncork ideas and thoughts of what is happening with women in education. The #3Wedu podcast was created to:

  • understand the value of women leading innovation in learning
  • overcome gender barriers women may experience in higher ed
  • support women doing amazing things from the field
  • provide better recognition and platform for said things
  • highlight women in leadership roles through mentoring and coaching
  • empower women junior and senior in education
  • do all of the above while enjoying a chat about this issues over a glass of wine with a few delightful ladies in education.

Tune into the #3Wedu Podcast

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