#InVinoFab Podcast, Episode no. 16: Advice for Starting an Online Business with @LadyBossBlogger

In episode no. 16 of the #InVinoFab podcast, we talk to Elaine Rau, founder of LadyBossBlogger.com, who shares insights to what it means to run a blogging business and being a women online in this economy. In our conversation we discuss the risks and rewards for being a female entrepreneur online in today’s murky Internet. We chatted about her experience with starting up an online business from scratch, and what it means to support other women who are interested in establishing themselves for work, advice, and business. Our conversation discussed everything from brand management to our own influences and guidance for women online.

As a Former National Wedding Sales Manager, Elaine Rau lost her brother-in-law, her job, and her home all in one week. Stuck in a third world country with no job opportunities, she had to learn how to make an income online… ASAP. So she spent her last bit of savings and invested in a blog domain: LadyBossBlogger.com   Since it’s conception, LadyBossBlogger has garnered a massive audience of 100K in just 1.5 years. It’s a platform that helps female entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow and scale their own online businesses and blogs. She has been featured on the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and over 100+ other websites, magazines and books.

We learned about the work and time it takes to be present online, and Elaine shares how she amplifies other women who are looking to get started with building their digital business. So we talk about how you could monetize online with your blog, Instagram, and more. Elaine shares some of her insights into affiliate marketing and ways to optimize your own digital space for “passive” monetization and ways to earn commission from your online work. Who knew?!?!?

“If you don’t figure out a way to make money in your sleep, you will work until you die.” ~ Elaine Rau

There was a lot of information and knowledge shared in this episode, so we did our best to curate all the good stuff below — but you can always reach out to Elaine if you have more questions and/or are seeking advice about your own digital venture.

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