Elevate and Amplify

I ran across an article this week, and while the title is most definitely click bait, I was inspired to click. Because I’m my own boss of my own Internet. See the tweet here:

The article was about how women in Obama’s staff made themselves heard. When women heard other women make a point in meetings, they would repeat that point. And repeat it. And repeat it. Ripples of amplification. Women, think to yourself: have you ever been in a meeting where you made a point, only to have it repeated and attributed to someone else (often male) later in that same meeting? How did you feel? Men, think to yourself: have you ever accidentally done this?

The tweet inspired a neat conversation on Twitter, including a few individuals noticing this practice in themselves, and acknowledging it.

In a conversation at our planning meeting, the five of us had to ask ourselves: were we guilty of this practice ourselves? Or did we work to elevate others as a practice? Honestly, I worry that my results there are mixed, and have been thinking hard about ways to identify and shift my focus as much in the elevate and amplify direction as possible.

In this episode, we’ll discuss strategies for amplifying the female voice, we’ll think hard about whether we truly follow this practice ourselves, and we’ll share stories from our own experiences. Do you have a story to share? Tweet at us at #3Wedu, and tune in Wednesday, September 21 at 6 PM EST/5 PM CDT/3 PM PDT to contribute your voice. We’d love to amplify your experiences and solutions.

Watch the podcast here:

Stream: The #3Wedu Podcast No. 9: Elevate & Amplify

Follow along in the document here:

Document: The #3Wedu Podcast No. 9 

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